The Exetars were a culture of humanoids known to occupy the eastern shores of Selea from around 3,000 BR to around 2,500 BR.

Little is known about the Exetars, who’s appearance in Selea was as sudden as their departure some four to five hundred years later. What is known of them has primarily been gleaned from archaeological evidence and scholarship in the last thousand years.

Human in their appearance, the Exetars were extremely pale skinned and fair haired, leading some scholars to believe they may have been a race of albinos. Their arrival in eastern Selea was abrupt, but they seem to have flourished quickly and soon occupied the entirety of the Gilbron penninsula, maintaining a large city just south of present-day Eastmoor.

There are indications that the Exetars were well versed in magic, though few, if any, examples of their religious affiliations or beliefs have been found.

Evidence indicates that between 400 and 500 years after first settling in Selea the Exetars disappeared as quickly as they has arrived.


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