Faldir, also known as the God of Light, the Creator, the Protector, the Father, and the Dragon, heads the pantheon of good gods of Duros. His heavenly constellation is the dragon.

One of the three original gods drawn into being from beyond space and time—along with Vel and Sylaxis—Faldir called forth the First Light to replace the nothingness of the Void.

Faldir is the father of Keldis and Nimvera (with Vel), as well as Mogram and Uxnar (with Sylaxis).

See the Timeline for more details.

Faldir is the progenitor of life on Duros in nearly all its forms and is said to take great joy in watching it flourish and grow. He is considered to be the ultimate embodiment of good in the world and watches over the races of Duros as a loving parent might watch over a child.

Faldir is most often associated with the following concepts: light, good, love, leadership, self-sacrifice, charity, and redemption.

Followers of Faldir can be found among all races, classes, and backgrounds.


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